PO Box 240

Ponderay, Idaho 83852


 This Rental Agreement – made and entered into as of the date last set forth below, by and between International Christian Fellowship (ICF) and ______________________________(renter(s)).

Whereas, renter desires to rent the facility from ICF on the terms and conditions set forth herein and ICF is willing to rent the facilities on such terms and conditions.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as set forth below.

Facilities: Event: Date: Rate:
ICF shall make the ICF Baldy Property available for purposes of a Wedding and Reception, (the event).
Upon execution of the Agreement and payment of the required deposit, the ICF Baldy Property shall be reserved for Renter on the Date of ____________________ Times: _________________ at a Rate of: ____$2500 ( $2500 includes Friday, Saturday and out on Sunday by noon)

Deposits – Booking deposits are required to confirm your date and must be sent back with this signed agreement within 14 days of the date contract was generated.
a. A non-refundable booking deposit of $500.00.(this booking deposit will be used towards the rental rate). A refundable $500.00 damage/cleaning deposit is required to secure your date. Please make damage deposit check separate from all other checks. Or leave a credit card number below.

Final payment– It is understood that the renters shall pay the full rental amount, including $500.00. cleaning/damage deposit, 60 days prior to the scheduled event date. Sixty days prior to the event, all deposits and monies collected except for cleaning, are non-refundable. *With the exception if there is any damage or extra clean up left after event that ICF staff would have to deal with the cleaning fee would be forfeited*

Cancellations – Should you choose to cancel your event, the booking fee is non-refundable.
a. However, you may transfer to an alternate date within one year if desired .b. cleaning deposit will be refunded within two weeks of cancellation .c. Cancellations or change of date must be in writing.

Liability Insurance
a. Renter shall obtain general liability insurance covering the day of the event in the minimum amount of one million dollars in a form and amount satisfactory to ICF. A certificate of insurance and a policy endorsement naming ICF as an additional insured on the policy shall be provided to ICF at last three business days before the day of the event.  Notwithstanding the requirement for such insurance, the vendor shall be required to also hold harmless, indemnify, and defend ICF, to the maximum extent allowed by law, from any and all liability arising from Vendors’ use of ICF, including the payment of ICF’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in defense of any actual or alleged liability.


Use of Property – Rental of the site includes the use of the entire inside of the Log cabin, restrooms, outside porch deck areas and Caretaker Cabin. The care taker cabin is a two bedroom, with a loft, full kitchen and bathroom. Bedding and linens are not provided.
a. Events may take place and are allowed to be set up on the lawn area. b. Use of the property is available from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. All festivities including amplified music must conclude no later than 11:00 pm. The capacity of the building is 170 persons maximum; however wedding groups are limited to 150 people maximum plus catering staff and other vendors inside the building including the porch areas. This is to ensure appropriate group flow.
d. In accordance with the State Fire Marshall restriction, the Upstairs balcony capacity is not to exceed 30 persons, 15 persons per side. Amounts exceeding the maximum person count are prohibited. Due to fire and safety codes and limitations set by Forest Service regulations, the above rules are strictly enforced and may be subject to change.

Open Flame – No cooking is allowed on the porch area. Buffet lines are allowed.
a. Catering Companies are not allowed to cook on the lawn area .b. All Catering companies must be self-contained with hot boxes or have the ability to prepare and cook meals within self-contained kitchen/trailers. c. Kitchen trailers/vendors are allowed to park in the designated parking lot only. d. The use of propane heaters inside the building or outside on the deck and on the Grand Lawn is prohibited.
e. Fire extinguishers are placed in the storage are between the main bathrooms and in the storage closet in the big cabin, and in the kitchen in the care taker cabin. All vendors are required to have knowledge of use.*

 Fire pit a. ICF will determine if the use of the fire place or the fire pit is allowed.

 Parking/Shuttle requirements – Parking is limited to the ICF lot only.
a. Parking is not allowed on trails, in the circle drive in front of main building, or on the one lane road that is considered a fire lane and must be kept clear at all times except for loading and unloading of items.. For parties over 50 people shuttle transportation is recommended *parking along the meadow and along the side road near bathrooms is best.

 Smoking – Vendors, staff and guests must follow the smoking policy

. No smoking is allowed inside the building or on the deck areas b. Smoking materials may not be distributed to guests inside the building or out on the porch. .IF THE FOREST SERVICE, CITY, COUNTY OR OTHER LOCAL JURISDICTION HAS ISSUED A FIRE RESTRICTION ORDER FOR OUR AREA, (smoking may be permitted in designated area. The cement porch in front of restrooms and all butts will be extinguished in sand cans and will be removed from premises)


Pets – No pets of any kind are allowed in ICF buildings. Service dogs are excluded.  Proof of service animal licensing and certificate must be provided prior to the wedding.  All service animals inside the building must be wearing their official service vest at all times.  Vendor Policies – Due to the historic and sensitive nature of the ICF property, vendors are required to sign off on our “Vendor Agreement Policy “required by ICF and the USFS to help protect and preserve this historic property. Once a vendor has signed off, they will be kept in our files for the season and are not required to sign off on every event they do with ICF. If your chosen vendor has not signed this policy please have them contact us prior to being booked by you. The renter is fully responsible for non-approved vendors regarding clean up, garbage removal, conduct and damage or excessive cleaning for ICF staff. Renter will be solely responsible and may be charged and/or lose all claim to refundable cleaning deposit. If any vendor that renter has chosen who was on the ICF list but violated the policies during the season, Renter will be notified and if chooses to continue with vendor will be considered a non-approved vendor. ICF is not responsible for any vendors, approved or not, for fulfilling contracts, obligations, refunds, or conduct. Please make sure to read each vendor contract carefully and that they have fulfilled the requirements to work at the ICF.

Deliveries and Pickup – all rental items and vendor equipment must be removed at the end of the event.
a. The fire lane directly in front of the building may be used for loading and unloading b. Keys must be left in vehicles at all times while in the loading zone in case of emergencies.

Noise Level – Amplified music must be maintained at a reasonable volume and is only allowed inside the building.
a. an ICF staff is authorized to lower sound provided by Band or DJ if deemed too loud.  By ordinance all music must stop by 11:00 pm. 

Alcohol Consumption
a. Vendor’s staff may not consume alcoholic beverages while on the property during an event.
b. Legal drinking age in the state of Idaho is 21 years old.
c. Bar Staff and ICF staff is authorized to close the bar down if alcohol consumption becomes a dangerous situation and is the cause of damage to the property. *the sale of alcohol is prohibited without the proper licenses*

Cleaning Procedures – Due to previous bear problems in our area, cleaning up after each event is critical to protecting ICF from wildlife damage.
a. Vendors/Renters may use sinks to dispose of water-based organic liquids and food juices only (no oils). There are no garbage disposals. The facility’s stove, oven, refrigerator and microwave may not be used by vendors.
b. All garbage must be removed from property. *Caterers* are required to wipe down / mop up all areas where food had been present.**see vendor policy for complete closing procedures**

Decorations – All Decorations must be approved by the ICF staff.
a. No tape (exception Shurtape), nails or staples can be used on building surfaces. Wire, Floral wire, non-stick tape are allowed. Hanging from cup hooks is mandatory.
b. Candles are prohibited. Battery operated tea lights are recommended. c. No rice, confetti, birdseed, potpourri, glitter or any substance of that nature.  Bubble machines are permitted outside only. Rose petals may only be used for decorating purposes on tables only, and must be cleaned up entirely at the end of the event. d. Rose or any flower petals may not be used on the floor even if a floor runner is used.

It is understood and agreed that should your group fail to adhere to all rules, policies and conform to the proper use of the building, the International Christian Fellowship may, at its discretion, terminate this agreement and require the renting parties to vacate the building (during the event if necessary), forfeiting any and all fees and monies.

ICF is not held liability for events not being held due to uncontrollable circumstances or acts of God.



I/We have read and understood this agreement and the policies it contains. I understand that if I/We or any of the guests or vendors at the event does not comply with this agreement or the policies the event may be immediately terminated by ICF, in its sole discretion, and/or all deposits made retained by ICF. I understand and agree that, in addition, I/we will be responsible and liable to ICF for any costs exceeding the amount of the retained deposit.